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Tailored Design is a boutique design studio that does exactly that, create a tailored design for creative and outstanding entrepreneurs. Having your own business and being a busy entrepreneur isn’t easy, but it is very rewarding. But you may be wondering to yourself, am I reaching the right audience for my product or service? Am I sending out the right message that I want my audience to hear and know who I am and what my business is all about?

That’s where my role comes in. We at Tailored Design are here to take the stress of growing a professional business off your shoulders by creating a brand and website that makes your business look professional and establishes your role as a leader in your niche.




Let’s get to know each other

Hi, I’m Simon, the creative mind behind Tailored Design.

I started my journey back in 2013 when I started school to become an architect. After graduation and working in the field, I felt a part of myself still feeling empty, as much as I loved designing houses and buildings, I felt like I wanted to do so much more. After opening my own business, I saw how important it was to have a successfully designed website and brand style. This is when the famous light bulb idea turned on! I knew what I wanted to do and I had the skills to do it.


I now devote my knowledge and experience to grow successful businesses by making them stand out from the competition and bring the professional business the light it deserves! Together, we will create an outstanding brand and website that will make you champion of your niche.

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